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New York declares foie gras outlawed: “fattening animals with a pipe is a cruel method”

A refined dish, iconic of French culture, which from 2022 can no longer be consumed in the city of New York. The decision comes from the municipal council of the Big Apple and concerns the foie gras, duck liver or goose. The motivation? Too much cruelty in practice to forcefully fatten the animals, through a tube, with the aim of swelling the liver and making it more soft and gelatinous. For restaurateurs who break the law, fines of up to $ 2,000 are provided. Instead, the rule that provided for up to one year’s detention in the most serious cases disappears. The city of New York is not the first to ban this food – for example, California banned it in 2012 and then again (after the abolition of the first law in 2015 by a state court) in 2017 – but the measure has however sparked the revolt of dealers and restaurateurs.

Other illegal foods - In the United States, the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) is responsible for ensuring that the food that is purchased and served in restaurants is not harmful to health. Over the years the association has therefore drawn up a list of harmful and therefore prohibited foods in the country, where there are curious or bizarre cases.   With great regret on the part of millions of children, in America it is not allowed to sell the Kinder Surprise Eggs. According to the FDA, contending also inedible elements, they are considered risky due to a potential suffocation. Another food product banned in all 50 states of stars and stripes is absinthe: the famous alcoholic beverage cannot be served in bars or clubs due to its hallucinogenic principle. Also the "fugu", technical name of the puffer fish, is one of the products that we will ever find in an American restaurant. The cause is of the strong poisonous toxin contained within it. Fish is not only prohibited in the United States, but in many other countries of the world, including Italy. In Japan, instead, it is considered a very delicious specialty that can be served by some restaurants only after a special license has been issued.

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